School Games Kitemark

The Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark criteria has been released for the 2013/14 academic year and is available to download from the school tools dashboard.

Your school can assess itself against the bronze, silver and gold levels of the Kitemark, which is awarded in recognition of a schools commitment to and the ongoing development of physical education, school sport and competition.

The window for all schools to apply for the award will open later this academic year.

What’s changed for 2013/14?
Following feedback from the school and School Games Organiser network some fundamental changes have been made to the criteria for 2013/14, in particular around the 2 hours of physical education and extra-curricular activity. The Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark is an annual award, therefore all schools who successfully applied for the award in 2012/13, will need to reapply to maintain their level or even gain a higher award!

What is the Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark?
The Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark is owned and created by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and is implemented and developed by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England. The Kitemark rewards school for their commitment to and the development of competition, school sport and physical education and was first launched in June 2012 via the Sainsbury’s School Games website.

All schools in England who are registered on can apply for a Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark via their school dashboard.
Research profiles: schools who have achieved Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark

If you would like to find out how other schools achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark and how they worked towards meeting the criteria is 2011/12, there are 12 research profiles (taken from the 2012 research process as part of external validation) to look through.

The criteria
The Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark is assessed against bronze, silver and gold criteria. Download the full criteria below to see which level of the Kitemark your school could achieve. Kitemark criteria-2013-14

Supporting materials
SSG_Kitemark schools’ supporting info
SSG_Kitemark special schools’ supporting info
Kitemark Development Toolkit 2013-14

For further information please contact

When and where can I apply for the Kitemark?

The application window will be open later on this academic year. All schools will be notified of the date in December 2013.

What if my school has achieved a previous Kitemark?
The Kitemark is an annual award and must be reapplied for each year. The schools previous award will be archived on both the school dashboard and the SGO dashboard.

What do I receive when I achieve a gold, silver or bronze award?
If your school achieves the Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark you will be able to download the official logo and you will also be able to view your application via your school dashboard. Your School Games Organiser (SGO) will receive your official Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark certificate and will present this to you.
Once a Kitemark has been awarded to your school you are able to use the appropriate logo on letterheads and other materials such as newsletters or your school website. Your school profile page on will update to proudly display your logo on the public facing site.

How does the online application for the Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark work?
The online application form will ask your school to complete a series of questions to determine which level of Kitemark your school has achieved.
Some sections of this form will be pre-populated with data you have submitted via your school dashboard about the Sainsbury’s School Games events you have or will run. Don’t forget your School Games Organiser (SGO) can also add events on your school’s behalf which may pre-populate certain fields. If none of this data is available or not up-to-date that’s okay, you will still be able to enter or override this information manually.
Throughout the application form, above each question, you will see a handy key which indicates whether the question is applicable for bronze, silver or gold Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark applications.

What is verification and what is validation?

The verification process ensures that the data submitted in your Kitemark application reflects the provision of PE, school sport and competition in your school.
At bronze level verification is via the schools head teacher who is required to support the Kitemark application upon submission.

At silver and gold level verification takes place via the schools head teacher and the SGO, who will read through the application and confirm the award.
Some applications (300 schools in total) will be selected as part of a formal, external validation exercise. This will involve a visit to the school to audit the application. If your application is chosen for validation you will receive automatic confirmation within 7 days of submitting your application and it is expected that you school will have had its validation visit within 6 weeks of being identified (excluding school holidays)
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