Priority Competitions

Priority Sports’ and ‘locally selected sports’

The Competition Manager Programme will specifically focus the majority of their work with Nationally selected priority sports and priority competitions, identified in partnership between the National Giverning Bodies of Sport and the National Competition Panel. However, the Competition Managers will also work with a selection of other locally identified sports and competitions where appropriate.

The Nationally identified priority sports / competitions are as follows:
  • Athletics (Y5/6/7/8 mixed Sportshall athletics)
  • Badminton (Y9/10/11 Boys & Girls team)
  • Basketball (Y9 Boys & Girls)
  • Cricket (Y6 mixed Kwik Cricket)
  • Golf (Primary Tri-Golf)
  • Gymnastics (Y2-Y6 Key Steps Gymnastics)
  • Hockey (Y3-Y6 Quicksticks Hockey)
  • Netball (Y5/6 High Five Netball)
  • Rowing (Y9 Boys & Girls)
  • Rugby Union (Y7 New and Emerging Schools Boys & Girls)
  • Swimming (Y3-Y6 mixed Aquasplash)
  • Table Tennis (Y7/8 Boys & Girls team)
  • Tennis (Y3/4 mixed Mini Tennis Red)
  • Orienteering (Y5/6 & Y7/8 Boys & Girls)
  • Rugby Union (all ages)
  • Volleyball (U15 Indoor Boys & Girls)

North & South Stoke selected sports/competitions are as follows:

  • Quadkids Athletics (Y3/4)
  • Rugby Union (Y5/6 Tag Rugby)
  • Tennis (Y7/8 Boys & Girls)
  • Trampoline (Key Stage 3/4 Boys & Girls)
  • Partnership Games (ks3)
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