oPEn_logooPEn is a new city wide network of Primary Schools in Stoke-on-Trent that has been established in response to the Government Primary School funding for PE and Sport. Over 40 schools have joined the network and the official launch of oPEn will take place at Port Vale FC on 3rd October. The network are delighted that Baroness Sue Campbell has agreed to deliver the keynote speech at the event.

The main focus of the group is workforce development, however there is a wider remit and oPEn is looking forward to working with all stakeholders of PE and School Sport both locally and nationally. The network will augment and develop the work of the existing infrastructure within the City with the overall aim to add value to the PE and Sport experience of all Primary aged children.

If you would like to find out more about oPEn or would like to join the network please contact me, Helen Moors, either by email ( or phone (07974111964).

oPEn newsletter May 2014
oPEn newsletter December 2013

The following documents may be of use to new and existing members:

Primary national curriculum – Physical education
Inspecting primary school PE and school sport new funding

Tour of Britain

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