Fitzy fundamental motor skills resources

Click on the following links to access the Fitzy resources for the run, jump, throw, catch, kick, strike and bounce. There are teacher help cards, pupil help cards and session ideas. Access the staff handbook file first which outlines how to use the resources.

Staff handbook introduction

Warm Up and Cooling down:

warm up to develop strength and stability   warming up and cooling down ideas

Resources for Running:

Fitzy says when you run   The run session ideas   The run teaching points

Resources for Jumping:

Fitzy says when you jump   The jump session ideas   The jump teaching points

Resources for Catching:

Fitzy says when you catch   The catch session ideas   The catch teaching points

Resources for Throwing

Fitzy says when you throw   The throw session ideas   The throw teaching points

Resources for Strike

Fitzy says when you hit   The strike session ideas   The strike teaching points

Resources for Bouncing

Fitzy says when you bounce   The bounce session ideas   The bounce teaching points

Resources for Kicking

Fitzy says when you kick   The kick session ideas   The kick teaching points

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