Sandford Hill Fitzy Fitness Club

Our club runs on Fridays after school for 50 minutes. All year 2 children are invited to attend and 12 children are allocated a place on return of the letter. Any children who don’t get a place are placed on the waiting list for the next half terms club. Clubs run for 4 – 5 weeks. The sessions consist of a general warm up, walking, running, skipping etc. then a warm up game. We then move to activities where we have a carousel of three skill based activities and children work for 5 minutes on each one before the whistle goes and we move to the next one. After the activities we do a cool down game before going in and receiving stickers for what we think we have worked well at. We then share `Who’s kept fit with Fitzy?’ (multi skills bag which the children take turns to take home and use, and which they record which forms of exercise that they have done over the weekend. Children who have been to Fitzy club are usually really keen to come again. Below is a copy of our plan for this half term; this is displayed on our Fitzy/PE board.

Fitzy Fitness Club plan summer 2013

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