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Last year was an incredibly busy year to say the least with record numbers of students from across the City benefiting from Partnership activities. 

Just to give a flavour of our progress key 2009/2010 figures are:-

  • A 10% Increase in students gaining 3 hours High Quality PE Sport- 52% and now in line with National norms.
  • 82 out of the 92 Stoke Primary, Secondary and Special schools have been awarded Healthy schools status.
  • Schools now participate in an average of 18 sports – doubled over 4 years!
  • The percentage of active leaders and volunteers has risen from 8% to 22%.
  • 50% of pupils now take part in Inter-school competition – now above National averages.
  • 75% of students now take part in Intra school competitions -this is now in line with National norms.

Fitzy Fox

  • Fitzy Fitness Festivals have doubled levels of intra-school competition at in primary and infant schools.
  • Schools now link to an average of 6 sports clubs.
  • 11% of students are registered as Gifted & Talented in PE/Sport – 3% above national norms.
  • The number of students participating in one or more community sports clubs/activities has risen from 19% to 31% in the past five years.
  • Stokes innovative ‘Leadership Academy’ has involved Young Leaders and Ambassadors logging nearly 6000 hours helping at sporting events. The Academy is seen as good practice Nationally.
  • Stoke piloted a STARs Elite Athlete programme with 20 national standard or above athletes in 2009-2010. The model is set to expand into all North Staffordshire SSPs with the financial backing of Stoke City.

Sport Relief!

But let’s not forget that the Stoke Sport Partnerships are not just about hitting national targets but about students getting involved in sport and having FUN! Just look at the faces on the young people on the site and you’ll undoubtedly see what we mean! What you see on the website is only a flavour of the activities that the North and South Partnerships have delivered to the young people from virtually every school in the City.

After all this good news however we must sound a note of caution. Currently the coalition government is looking at suspending all Sport Partnership funding. The backlash of this announcement has been enormous, especially in the lead up to the London 2012 games. Questions have been raised in the Houses of Parliament and nearly 750,000 signatures handed in to Downing Street by a delegation of Young Ambassadors on 7th December.

Local Young Sports Ambassadors

Locally the Sentinel and Radio Stoke have been very supportive; you may have seen/heard some of the recent coverage. Stoke Headteachers and Principals have been writing directly to Mr Cameron and Mr Gove and local MPs Joan Walley and Robert Flello are being very supportive. As a direct response to the Local and National coverage Mr Cameron is having a ‘rethink ‘and we just hope that the outcome is positive.For as long as we humanly can the North and South Stoke Sport Partnerships will continue to help young people enjoy a wide range of sport as part of an active healthy lifestyle – basically ‘Stoke Up Sport!’

May we just take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous New Year.

Even Santa Gets Sporty!

Best Wishes

Nick Smith and Nigel Edwards

South PDM         North PDM

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